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  • Library/Dressing room
  • The house "Coolangatta" was built in 1889 by a major Sydney Merchant and politician and has local heritage status.

    Our aim was to create a library/dressing room that reflected the original design elements and history that was attached to the house.

    To achieve this we needed a cabinetmaker with great attention to detail and a willingness to participate in refining our ideas into measurements and drawings.

    On the initial consultation Phil spent 9 hours with us going through every design angle of the job imaginable, measurements and calculations were written in pencil over each wall key design ideas were drawn into the space, it was quite remarkable.

    The clarity, precision and enthusiasm of the initial consultation continued throughout the correspondence with the Dr Phill team as they kept us updated with the progress of the job.

    The installation was carried out to perfection with the cabinets being squared beautifully to the room and anchored to the centre of bricks etc no gap fillers were needed in finishing prior to graining.

    We were fortunate to have Dr Phills Kitchens and cabinetry recommended to us from a cabinetmaker we had used on another job, his words to me were "if you need someone above and beyond the average then call Dr Phill"

  • Kitchen
  • We wanted the kitchen to have a connection to the old world charm of the property and recreate an eclectic mix of cabinetry that seemed to sit in the room rather than have a built-in appearance. Our other request was to avoid melamine and use solid timber and plywood for the carcasses.

    On the first meeting Phil sat in the room with us and helped us refine the placement of work areas and general flow of the kitchen, he then created a sketch of what we had discussed.

    Detailed drawings followed as did many phone calls/ emails discussing and refining design elements.

    As with the library the level of craftsmanship was outstanding and was carried out on time with trades being coordinated and directed prior to the install.

    The Dr Phill team have succeeded in crafting a kitchen that is built to last and one that is designed to age gracefully within its surroundings.

    We highly recommend him and his team and enjoy the kitchen and library rooms everyday.

    In fact when it was first installed, every morning we entered either of the rooms we would say "love this room." Thank you Dr Phill for going "above and beyond the average"

    Yours Sincerely

    - P & T Campbell, Katoomba