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We help you grab the envisaged look that you desire, assist you in deciding on your appliances and the implementation of them into the design. Throughout the design and planning process, workflow is being assessed in order to produce a functional and pleasing result. This overall care will ensure the best possible result from your investment.

Each room has a different plan of attack, all dependent on the selections of finishes and materials. We have determined no one method will apply to every room or project. This method allows us to control with flexibility and accuracy, any subsequent changes that may impact on the completion of the project timeline.

This can be done with our extended team of qualified interior designers and colour consultants. This part of the process is a very important one, getting it wrong could cost a lot of money in rectifications.

Depending on the size and workmanship requirements of every job we have flexible methods that cater for small or large sized jobs. Whether it's a single room or full house fit-out, we have it covered. Having complete control of manufacturing is paramount. Each component is carefully assessed for accuracy and quality. Every cabinet has specific internal and external requirements, whether it be a functional or psychological requirement, you can rest assured that it'll be adhered to.

This is done by our own highly skilled and very qualified team. Our team of tradesman and subsequent trades are passionate about creating the best possible result for the each individual with innovative ideas and a very unique ways of looking at any task at hand. There is no end to the constant changes of product requirements, so pin point accuracy is paramount!

As each of us has our own fingerprint, so too will your design be unique.

Our accuracy with consistency with each unique project is what makes Dr. Phill's Kitchens and Cabinetry a company that can be trusted to deliver a professional job every time. Take the time to read our testimonials to see if Dr. Phill's is what you're looking for in a company to deliver your project requirements.